Imperial Point
By Beth Daly, Realtor®


Above is one of the original advertisements for Imperial Point. 

"Please Sir could we change it just once more?" 

"Sure you many times as you like. Homes ought to be individualized, matching the tastes of the people who live in them. Our architects are trained to be understanding and patient. In their skillful hands, your home plans will be just as you wanted them to be. Just another no-extra-charge service of Imperial Point where vacant lots are never sold..only homes."

From $18,990 to $34,990, lot included...

That was back in the early 1960's when a lovely neighborhood arose from the white sand and became one of our most popular and sought after neighborhoods; Imperial Point.  Imperial Point Drive was "model home row" at the time with 10 "state of the art" residences which were primarily marketed to  retirees.  The neighborhood was sponsored by General Electric and the quality of the community earned Imperial Point the distinction of being an "all electric" GE Medallion neighborhood.  Bordered on the north end by McNab Road, and the south end around NE 56 Street, on the east end at US 1 (Federal Highway), and on the west end at NE 18 Avenue this neighborhood offered custom homes,and sites to the buyers specifications; over 1,350 of them. Haft-Gaines was the builder/developer. His company had a fabulous reputation and built a good, strong home. The company was known to be very accommodating, and wonderful to work with as far as the customization of the residences. 

In 1994, Imperial Point's first homeowner; Liane Wood wrote about her experience with the builder, for the Imperial Point Newsletter. She wrote about being the very first inhabitant of the neighborhood, not counting the 2 alligators she and her husband found on their cement patio one day! She wrote that Haft-Gaines Company told her that she could have any extra features she wanted as she was the first buyer! That was in January of 1961. 

At that time, all that existed was Imperial Point Drive, and the beautifully finished model homes. The landscape consisted mainly of white sand as far as you could see. Cypress Creek Road (NE 62 Street) used to be a pond with fish, birds, and people swimming in it. At some point it was learned that the pond was no longer safe to swim in so it was drained, and developed. Many of the first residents tell stories of having to put up Plastic/Visqueen around their pools to prevent the pool from filling up with sand when the wind blew. It was only 2 days after moving in that Liane and her husband discovered the 2 alligators on their patio. She recalled that it took the police 2 hours to catch them and take them back to the Everglades. Little by little, the neighbors began to move in and plant wonderful trees, flowers, and landscaping. 

Haft-Gaines arranged friendly neighborhood get-togethers, barbecues, and bridge parties, and as a result, one of the most friendly, true NEIGHBORhoods has grown up and come into it's own. The homes in Imperial Point offer several different floor plans, most of which have been modified in one way or another over their nearly 50 year life span. (I have most of the original floor plans, and a few of the original newspaper advertisements as well!) The homes are generally made of concrete, block, and stucco, with poured Terrazzo floors, and sheet rock interior walls. According to many workmen who have serviced the homes in Imperial Point over the years, the homes are square and plumb. The pride in workmanship, and the quality of the work is readily visible. 

At the north east end of the neighborhood lies Broward Health Imperial Point Medical Center, this facility is a member of the North Broward Hospital District, and is one of Broward County's finest medical facilities. At the west end of the Medical Center property is Imperial Point Park. It is a wonderful, shaded facility with playground equipment, swing sets, slides, and all of that great stuff. There are shaded picnic tables for birthday parties, or just a fun family outing. The beaches of Lauderdale by the Sea, and Pompano Beach are only a few short minutes away by bicycle or car. Imperial Point is conveniently located only 20 minutes from Downtown Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton, only 45 minutes from West Palm Beach and Miami. Major highways are easily accessible from here. 

Imperial Point is a neighborhood with sidewalks (almost all streets) and streetlights, manicured and lovingly landscaped yards, and beautifully painted and maintained homes. There are no two homes alike in this friendly community. Most of the homes were built in the 1960's, and are nestled on an average lot size of 100' x 75', with some larger, and some smaller, a few have waterfront lots. (Waterfront in Imperial Point is ocean access with 2 Fixed Bridges.) 

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